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Create The Best Value

Through Differentiated

And Original Design

Provides highest quality services with reliable solutions, compelling design, and competitive pricing for our clients.

The Millwork Design takes pride in delivering the highest standards of commercial or residential space design service to our commercial and residential customers in New York.

We create a new trend that applies user-centric optimized movement and space efficiency to create a reasonable space based on the customer's lifestyle and pursue a variety of functional elements and purposeful designs for users, not just aesthetic elements.

Our Service

Space planning design, which takes into account factors such as the customer's psychological and physical conditions, create a new trend that comprehensively reflects movement and space efficiency, implements a reasonable space based on the customer's lifestyle, and plans and designs a space that can leave a special feeling.

Design Consulting


In addition to design furniture that considers originality, functionality, and aesthetics, it creates the value of a space that connects people and spaces with user-centered optimized movement and space efficiency that fit the purpose of commercial or residential space, educational space, and office.

Interiors & Furnitures


Original and creative designs pursue the best quality and design for users, not only for users and design for users.

High Quality Design


We Plan,

We Produce,
We Deliver

We provide comprehensive services from the planning stage to post-production delivery, and expect the best expertise.

Our Process

A practical plan that takes into account even the small movements of everyday life.



Best quality and design for a variety of functional elements and purposes.

Design & Plan Proposal


High quality design and high quality production.

High Quality Production


Our Projects

Residential & Media

240-29 Alameda Ave

Residential & Media

14 Saint Andrews

Residential & Media

5 Strafire Ct

Residential & Media

18-15 215th St

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